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Splish Splash
Taruto!'s Journal
O crumbs 
16th-Mar-2010 01:42 am
ToS - [L] Durrhurr
So I went to a Brawl tourney tonight
Tomorrow is sewing and then Jacdan
Wednesday I'm going bowling.. lol
Thursday.. I dunno
Friday I dunno, probably sewing??
Sat-Sun is GantCon

AND THEN I have a midway deadline monday

I've been procrastinating for a number of reasons lately. But realising I have like 2 days to work on my animation I'm gonna have to get workin. STAT

Thoughts I need to do stuff are ~*so helpful*~ when it's nearly 2am and ALL MY ANIMATION STUFF IS AT LOLIS RAHHH
I'm gonna have to work my butt off and at least do an animatic for monday else I am "toast"

Oh and it's so helpful that my lecturers have told me nothing about what to submit or who or where or anything, yeahhh!!!
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