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New blog 
4th-Apr-2010 09:55 pm
Aria - [A] Wait for me
Firstly; Happy Easter everyone! I hope everyone's had a really nice holiday.

I've been sitting about on my butt for too long so I started up a blog on Nyaano yesterday. It's located here: http://www.nyaano.net/blog .. creative url, eh? ;P

This doesn't mean I'll be neglecting LJ, but it's somewhere I can post more.. irrelevant things from LJ? It seems silly but I feel LJ has a specific purpose, somewhere I can talk about bits and bobs of life, whereas I want somewhere to talk about more in-depth interests, hobbies, uni work, etc. Feel free to take it or leave it but I thought I'd post the link here anyway :)

I really need to revamp Nyaano.net anyway, I'm kind of debating moving the One Clone Company over there permanently and using that as the main section as it's more relevant. Saves making a new layout too.. haha @w@
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