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Taruto!'s Journal
Nyaano revamp, and obligatory Uni worries 
8th-Apr-2010 01:57 pm
Aria - [A] Wait for me
I'm at the hospital tomorrow! Let's hope they do some useful tests and find something relevant! In a really morbid way I'm looking forward to it.. at least it'll be out of the way.

I've been working to redo Nyaano so it's nice and basic, does what it needs to do. I'm going to move the One Clone Company over too but I need some kind of splash so that's in the works for now. I'm about 80% done on graphics I think, need to add some frills and add arms and extra little details then make the layout itself.. shouldn't take too long. I always feel awful about using my own art for things but for a collective website I intend plugging if I get into the animation business using copyrighted thing is a no-go, lol.

My deadlines this month are on the 28th and 30th. I don't know.. what I'm going to do. I have a sick note from my doctor to submit but it's still Easter holidays and Northumbria is oh so helpful and hasn't told me how to contact lecturers outside of term, nor when we -actually- go back so it's not been handed in and I got it last month. Sure helpful there. Either way.. Gonna have to see what my options are, I suppose. All I know is unless a miracle happens I have no chance of getting everything I need to do done :/

Also incredibly well timed, some stupid tosser at the bank cancelled my direct debit to 3 so my last contract payment didn't go through, so I have less money than I thought. Also the delightful £88 cost to Lunarpages for webspace is also up for renewal! That's at least £100 less than I thought I had.. with less than £50 available in my account. Fffffff. I'm so horrendously skint. Everything seems to go wrong before I have deadlines etc. Horrible horrible.

On a better note, I was surprised and happy to find that Scouting for Girls are making a comeback with a new album, lighthearted piano pop has been missing in the chart for a little too long, lol.

..That's kinda sad if that's the only good thing happening at the moment.
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