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Splish Splash
Taruto!'s Journal
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19th-May-2010 07:28 pm - Moved Journals!
Aria - [A] Wait for me
Hey everyone!

I've had this journal for 8 years now and it's full of memories but it's time to move on. It's linked to an ancient (and deactivated) e-mail, it has over 1000 entries and I'm tired of the taruto_chan name so I've moved journals!

My new journal is exelia ~

I've added everyone I think, but if you want to be re-added just say! I've probably missed someone!

In any case, there won't be any more posts here, so please re-add me at my new LJ! Thanks! x
6th-May-2010 02:56 pm(no subject)
Haruhi - [H] Rainbow magic!
Somehow, despite not particularly looking for a job and being recommended not to push myself to work, I have a job o.o; how did this happen...

Basically I got a call from Gamestation (where I worked at Christmas) 2 days ago when I was out so I contacted them yesterday.. apparently they'd been trying my number for about a week but to no avail since they were trying my old number XD lol but regardless, lucky I rang yesterday since they were interviewing then. Apparently had I not got in contact another guy would've got the job, and they wanted me back~ yay! Job get!!

It's a 4 hour contract but there's plenty of overtime scheduled over the summer with people on holiday. Should be good~! I'm heading in later to get papers etc signed but I'm looking forward to going back!
30th-Apr-2010 01:28 am - NEEDS
ToS - [L] Durrhurr
I don't care how
be it by train
by coach
or by hitchhike

I need to find my way to London on the 21st May !!!!
11th-Apr-2010 09:52 pm - Breathing Rehab
Aria - [A] Wait for me
I went to the hospital on friday and well, it was pretty mixed. I was going to the falls and syncope clinic to get my heart and blood pressure checked out, and the doctor I saw is pretty sure it's nothing heart-related, which is one thing, and it's a good thing, right? She said there were no outstanding or obvious symptoms, there were a few niggly issues but she could say pretty surely that it isn't a cardio issue.

So.. what is it then?Collapse )

Boy do I feel like a retard. I can't even do something you learn from birth. Off to breathing rehab I go.
Aria - [A] Wait for me
I'm at the hospital tomorrow! Let's hope they do some useful tests and find something relevant! In a really morbid way I'm looking forward to it.. at least it'll be out of the way.

I've been working to redo Nyaano so it's nice and basic, does what it needs to do. I'm going to move the One Clone Company over too but I need some kind of splash so that's in the works for now. I'm about 80% done on graphics I think, need to add some frills and add arms and extra little details then make the layout itself.. shouldn't take too long. I always feel awful about using my own art for things but for a collective website I intend plugging if I get into the animation business using copyrighted thing is a no-go, lol.

My deadlines this month are on the 28th and 30th. I don't know.. what I'm going to do. I have a sick note from my doctor to submit but it's still Easter holidays and Northumbria is oh so helpful and hasn't told me how to contact lecturers outside of term, nor when we -actually- go back so it's not been handed in and I got it last month. Sure helpful there. Either way.. Gonna have to see what my options are, I suppose. All I know is unless a miracle happens I have no chance of getting everything I need to do done :/

Also incredibly well timed, some stupid tosser at the bank cancelled my direct debit to 3 so my last contract payment didn't go through, so I have less money than I thought. Also the delightful £88 cost to Lunarpages for webspace is also up for renewal! That's at least £100 less than I thought I had.. with less than £50 available in my account. Fffffff. I'm so horrendously skint. Everything seems to go wrong before I have deadlines etc. Horrible horrible.

On a better note, I was surprised and happy to find that Scouting for Girls are making a comeback with a new album, lighthearted piano pop has been missing in the chart for a little too long, lol.

..That's kinda sad if that's the only good thing happening at the moment.
4th-Apr-2010 09:55 pm - New blog
Aria - [A] Wait for me
Firstly; Happy Easter everyone! I hope everyone's had a really nice holiday.

I've been sitting about on my butt for too long so I started up a blog on Nyaano yesterday. It's located here: http://www.nyaano.net/blog .. creative url, eh? ;P

This doesn't mean I'll be neglecting LJ, but it's somewhere I can post more.. irrelevant things from LJ? It seems silly but I feel LJ has a specific purpose, somewhere I can talk about bits and bobs of life, whereas I want somewhere to talk about more in-depth interests, hobbies, uni work, etc. Feel free to take it or leave it but I thought I'd post the link here anyway :)

I really need to revamp Nyaano.net anyway, I'm kind of debating moving the One Clone Company over there permanently and using that as the main section as it's more relevant. Saves making a new layout too.. haha @w@
2nd-Apr-2010 12:00 pm - Le skint
Gurumin - [P] Bleh
I have £60 available balance to last me until May, this should be interesting..!

I'm at the hospital next friday for my cardio stuff. Last monday I went in to get an ECG but I've not had the results yet. I'm hoping everything'll be alright so I can at least look for a job cause if I'm not fit to work I'm screwed over the summer ... @_@
16th-Mar-2010 01:42 am - O crumbs
ToS - [L] Durrhurr
So I went to a Brawl tourney tonight
Tomorrow is sewing and then Jacdan
Wednesday I'm going bowling.. lol
Thursday.. I dunno
Friday I dunno, probably sewing??
Sat-Sun is GantCon

AND THEN I have a midway deadline monday

I've been procrastinating for a number of reasons lately. But realising I have like 2 days to work on my animation I'm gonna have to get workin. STAT

Thoughts I need to do stuff are ~*so helpful*~ when it's nearly 2am and ALL MY ANIMATION STUFF IS AT LOLIS RAHHH
I'm gonna have to work my butt off and at least do an animatic for monday else I am "toast"

Oh and it's so helpful that my lecturers have told me nothing about what to submit or who or where or anything, yeahhh!!!
1st-Mar-2010 05:35 pm - Rushed off my feet 24/7 @_@
Aria - [A] Wait for me
So how have things been for me lately? Just dandy I suppose. Been pretty up and down, but I'm trying to get used to all that..

Super happy moment happened lately! Last night I checked my old e-mail and found I had a message from blog.co.uk from a few days ago. Blog.co.uk where I did my cel animation blog last year. I'm not sure if it's legit or anything, but there was a comment left and the user signed off as "Danny Antonucci" and the e-mail was from akacartoon.com; Danny is the creator behind Ed, Edd n Eddy (what the project was based upon) and AKA Cartoon is the animation company! Even if it isn't real it's nice to think it is - I can't imagine why it wouldn't be. Feeling all fuzzy and happy for once~!

Speaking of Uni though, been having some uber issues, no motivation at all despite wanting to work on things, and I've been struggling with the workload. I've got tons to do, still have to find and do a stupid rubbish terrible stupid work placement and.. well, I've got next to no energy to do anything, nevermind sit for a few hours drawing and redrawing different sequences for my puppets, nor making the set. It needs doing.. I have to do it.. but I'm slugging behind and it's not good for anyone, particularly me @_@ I'm trying to stay positive and get things done; the thought of finishing this year is good, but it seems that getting there is just.. difficult.

On a cosplay note, my wig for Inaho is no more since it was from a faulty batch and the company don't do the same wig anymore. Company was willing to exchange it for a different colour, but that's no good when I need a red wig, lol. Got a refund. Debating buying another seeing as I have *everything* else for it, but I dunno if I'll have time to make it. But if I leave it much later it might not arrive in time.. I'll probably raid eBay and see what's worth doing. Also while I remember, thank GOD, my Kurumi wig finally arrived!!! The one they re-sent. It took nearly 3 weeks *seethe* but it turned up and it will be styled later today!

Sewing stuff is coming along nicely. ARIA dresses just need capes now, Jolyne needs her glove remaking and wig styling and Kurumi needs her gloves, ribbon for wig and the wig styling. Inaho needs everything, but shouldn't take long, if I do it. Fingers crossed.. lol

Though last Friday I was fit to drop ;\ was sewing the pattern on Akari's ARIA Company dress and felt I was gonna collapse, lol, man. It doesn't matter how much I sleep I feel I'm always drained @_@ not so great haha. Just posting this entry makes me want to curl up and sleep @_@
17th-Feb-2010 01:22 am - Supaaaa
Haruhi - [H] Rainbow magic!
I went to see Ponyo today!! So cute ;_; and despite having seen no Ghiblis.. ever, in the past month I have seen 3. Odd? Indeed.

The new section of Eldon Square opened today, damn spiffy, so nice!! The Debenhams.. blown away. Best Debenhams I've ever seen. 4 floors of pure phwoar and with tons of new stuff. The Urban Decay stand is the first to get a ton of new season releases, too, before they're due, but sadly no Alice palette (yet!). That and opening of a Paperchase and Apple Store? Count me happy. It looks so surreal and amazing! My bank will not like me if I indulge.

Speaking of indulging, I ordered an iPhone case :( so cute!! I've wanted a nice case and found none, and saw this, sadly no Kiiroitori but it'll do <3 eeee
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